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Get prepared for your first. All the content you need to start your ultra distance journey is here (tutorials, tips, tricks and stories from our team and BikingMan veterans).

Stage 1 – Getting prepared

You’ve made up your mind and are willing the catch the ultracycling wagon, pushed by that desire to discover more of the world, more of yourself. But before the D-day, a first journey is necessary: getting prepared.

The following ressources are meant to guide you through this process, helping you defining and creating your bike, finding and fitting the necessary equipment, adjusting your bike to your body, your fitness and your race objectives.

BikingMan Academy Stage 1 - Prepare for ultracycling

Choosing the best ultra bike

In this academy segment, we will guide you in defining the best bike for your needs, and above all budget, by covering the 10 main topics when...

The minimum kit for ultra bikepacking

This academy segment will take you through the minimum kit you should take with you in the context of bikepacking for ultra-distance. This means the necessary tools...

How to prepare for ultradistance riding

This academy segment will cover some of the key aspects of your preparation to an ultradistance bikepacking ride, or race. It covers the following topics: -Physical training,...

Get inspired

Inspiration is a great motivation source to get going, and this applies to ultracycling as well. This is why you may want to check out the movies from...

Learn about your race

To run a good preparation, you need to adapt it to your upcoming race. This requires to learn about it, study its race course, know its challenges,...

Stage 2 – Managing your race

There is a lot more than just pedaling to reach the finish line of an ultracycling event. From the random punctures and mechanical issues, to the multiple pains that can appear on a long distance ride, to the challenges of the weather conditions and elevation, to navigation and refueling…
Bikepacking over ultra distances features many aspects you will have to overcome, not to mention the mental strength to get through all this.

So follow along to learn how to cope with these.

BikingMan Academy Stage 2 - How to manage your ride

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Stage 3 – Leverage your riding

You have accomplished your first objective, reaching the finish line? Now it’s time to take the next steps and build on this experience to learn and develop even more.

Whether physically, mentally, logistically or technically, there are plenty of areas where you may want to improve. These segments are meant to help you identify where and how you can leverage your riding.

BikingMan Academy Stage 3 - Leverage your riding

Learn from your mistakes (and others’)

In this new Academy video, and first for Stage 3, we have compiled a list of the 9 most frequent errors we have witnessed on BikingMan events. Axel...

Learn from your mistakes (and others’)

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this new Academy video, and first for Stage 3, we have compiled a list of the 9 most frequent errors we have witnessed on BikingMan events. Axel will present you these and explain and you can avoid or face them, whether these are physical, mental, equipment or preparation related. This is the perfect opportunity to learn from your mistakes and other participants' and to get keys to adjust your next preparation for a BikingMan, or in general for a long distance ride. Enjoy the viewing![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Race ReportsRead the experiences and stories from our veteran participants

Ultra Women

Ultra Women

BikingMan races can be the source of fabulous stories, thanks to the variety of amazing people it gathers, coming from many different countries and backgrounds. Today's race report makes definitely...

Sprint away from the sun

Sprint away from the sun

New race report today, from the 2020 edition of BikingMan Oman Sprint with Jean-Philippe telling the story of his bike adventure in the sultanate. Especially how he had to fight...

Family ride episode 2

Family ride episode 2

After a first successful experience on the 2019 BikingMan Corsica, Clémence's home territory, it was time for more adventure this winter as they had enrolled for another ride in the...

Tough route in tough conditions

Tough route in tough conditions

This year's edition of BikingMan Taiwan was brutal. It was not particularly easy last year, but the changes brought to the route for 2019, to avoid boring urban areas when...

Scratching with benefits

Scratching with benefits

Today's race report is a special one. It's a special one first because it comes with the words of veteran Marcus, who has an undeniable talent for writing, but it's...

Buddy story in Portugal

Buddy story in Portugal

After an impressive first ultra experience in the peruvian Andes, finishing 4th of the 3rd edition of IncaDivide, Guillaume was back for a different flavor of ultracycling, this time a...

Corsican cold

Corsican cold

After a podium finish for his second attempt in Oman, Jason was back for more on the mediterranean island. Applying the famous mantra "light is right", with a rather minimalistic...

A magic backcloth

A magic backcloth

Today, a race report from one of our BikingMan legends, and veteran rider, Rob. After successfully completing Corsica and Taiwan, and before willing to tackle the peruvian Andes, Rob had...

Ultra Duo in Taiwan

Ultra Duo in Taiwan

Romain shares his story beyond the race of Taiwan, from his meeting with Simon, pair partner in Asia, to the decision process to join Taiwan as a pair, to the...

Start of an ultra journey

Start of an ultra journey

Describing herself as a "flatlander" with a rich experience in track cycling, with several record attempts, Jasmijn flet incredibly attracted by the images and stories out of BikingMan Oman inaugural...

Fighting against sleep

Fighting against sleep

Taiwan is full of surprises. The first one obviously is its discovery itself as only few have a good idea of what the island is made of. Then, there was...

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