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The eye of the BikingMan team, David is that guy stuck behind his camera all day chasing cyclists on the road, enjoying the landscapes while doing so.

In 25 editions of BikingMan, we have repeatedly witnessed incredible performances by our participants. These new explorers who try the challenge deploy …

Lighting for ultracycling

17 March 2022
Posted by David Styv

When it comes to long distance, and therefore this is even more the case for ultracycling and BikingMan, you will spend …

The Escape Challenge

7 March 2022
Posted by David Styv

The Escape Challenge: 200 km / 2 500 m of elevation gain It’s winter time and it’s always challenging to retain …

Discover Benoit’s Fixie

15 February 2022
Posted by David Styv

Completing a BikingMan is already a huge challenge in itself, with the 1000 kms of the sprint format generally accompanied by …

With the new year usually comes many big news. 2022 will be no exception. We are proud to announce BikingMan is …

After a first attempt aborted by the Meunier brothers during the BikingMan AURA, the BikingMan Portugal will have seen the first …

After a first participation which led her to a brilliant general position and to win the female category, we spoke with …

Follow Axel and live his experience of the BikingMan Brazil from the inside, from check-in and the bike checks, to the …

Mini-series with ProBikeShop

8 February 2022
Posted by David Styv

Axel meets with ProBikeShop again for a mini-series about Ultracycling and the experience of cycling long distance and how to prepare …

In need for additional motivation to get going for your morning ride? We got you covered! Check out this great compilation …

Preview of the 2022 season

2 December 2021
Posted by David Styv

The year is already well underway and the BikingMan 2022 season is fast approaching. How about a few minutes of relaxation …

Obviously, our partnership with Origine, a beautiful French brand, dynamic and modern, is a great delight to us and we look …

José De Aguiar – AURA 2021

13 November 2021
Posted by David Styv

José De Aguiar 53yo – Company owner 4x Finisher

Daniel Mamopoulakos 41yo – Construction Equipment 1x Finisher

Yoshie Yabu – France 2021

13 November 2021
Posted by David Styv

Yoshie Yabu 53yo – IT Project Manager 2x Finisher

Julian Manrique 34yo – Videographer 1x Finisher

Bérengère Staelens 36yo – Engineer 2x Finisher

Corsica #3 2020 – the Movie

11 November 2021
Posted by David Styv

Throwback to the 2020 edition of the BikingMan Corsica for which we shared the film of the race some time ago. …

Axel’s first BikingMan

9 November 2021
Posted by David Styv

When you are an organizer of ultracycling events, as much as you are passionate about cycling, the desire to pedal is …

A few weeks ago, Thomas Delaplace participated in his first BikingMan. And for a first, his choice fell on a choice …

Euskadi has just ended and demonstrated the importance of good preparation to face the intense challenges that the course offered. Another …

Let’s take advantage of Axel’s invitation by ProBikeShop to discuss many aspects of ultra-distance and specifically ultracycling. A lively discussion to …

Nico Faure, 3rd finisher of the BikingMan Corsica 2021 and sad DNF on the France stage, shares with us his experience …

Today, we offer you the large format (and illustrated) interview of Axel by the RedBulletin (in French but Google Translate is …

The Wilder interview

11 May 2021
Posted by David Styv

Wilder Magazine looks back with Axel on his previous expeditions and the origin of the BikingMan series, from our Shaman’s initiation …

In this new Academy video, and first for Stage 3, we have compiled a list of the 9 most frequent errors …

Calendar 2021 dates change

23 March 2021
Posted by David Styv

Dear cycling friends, adventurers and #bikingmanFamily, the times remain difficult. These last 3 years, the BikingMan season had started with the soft …

Portugal 2020 – The movie

16 February 2021
Posted by David Styv

While waiting for the return of the nice weather and the start of the 2021 BikingMan season, let’s get back to …

La Belle Evasion

11 February 2021
Posted by David Styv

Many long weeks  after the last BikingMan and the recce for the BikingMan AURA, it’s finally time to rediscover the taste …

Adeline Bruchet & Thomas Piednoir 30yo – Physiotherapists 2x Finisher

Loïc Lastennet 28yo – Engineer 2x Finisher

To celebrate the closing of registrations for BikingMan Portugal 2021, take a look back at the 2020 edition in video with …

Scouting brazilian green

1 December 2020
Posted by David Styv

In a not so distant past, when the world was still “normal”, Axel and a team of IncaDivide veterans, namely brazilians Vinicius …

Reportage on Stade2

18 November 2020
Posted by David Styv

After its broadcast on Sunday November 8th during the show, you can now find Stade2 (Sports show on the french public …

After a depressing first half of the year, it’s good to concentrate on more positive things, and also it got moved by …

For the first time, France will be the host of BikingMan in june 2021. And for this first, we wanted to …

Learn about your race

4 August 2020
Posted by David Styv

To run a good preparation, you need to adapt it to your upcoming race. This requires to learn about it, study …

Today, we invite you to take a look at an important aspect of the organization of BikingMan races, and especially for …

Don’t miss this! After depressing weeks locked down, that delayed its broadcast, it finally arrives! Next week, from monday to friday, …

Get inspired

27 May 2020
Posted by David Styv

Inspiration is a great motivation source to get going, and this applies to ultracycling as well. This is why you may …

This academy segment will cover some of the key aspects of your preparation to an ultradistance bikepacking ride, or race. It …

Jacques Barge 68yo – Retirement 8x Finisher

Fabian – Laos 2019

8 May 2020
Posted by David Styv

Fabian Burri 31yo – House painter 9x Finisher

Clémence (& Jean-Jacques) Raffi 31yo – Events 2x Finisher

Guillaume Chaumont 33yo – Engineer 8x Finisher

Vicky De Sa and Bruno Rosa 31 & 33yo – Bikeshop owners 2x Finisher

Ultra Women

5 May 2020
Posted by David Styv

BikingMan races can be the source of fabulous stories, thanks to the variety of amazing people it gathers, coming from many different …

This academy segment will take you through the minimum kit you should take with you in the context of bikepacking for …

In this academy segment, we will guide you in defining the best bike for your needs, and above all budget, by …

Another day, another feast for your mind with the exploration diaries of Axel after his expedition in Brazil to test ride …

Brazil reco field journal

16 April 2020
Posted by David Styv

Hello everyone, we have a small gift for you, a small gift that will take you out of the depressing lockdown …

Sprint away from the sun

3 April 2020
Posted by David Styv

New race report today, from the 2020 edition of BikingMan Oman Sprint with Jean-Philippe telling the story of his bike adventure in …

Family ride episode 2

24 March 2020
Posted by David Styv

After a first successful experience on the 2019 BikingMan Corsica, Clémence’s home territory, it was time for more adventure this winter as …

In September 2019, the first edition of the BikingMan in Portugal reunited 97 athletes from many horizons. They were the first …

We are happy and proud to announce that the french TV La Chaine L’Equipe will air a 75-minute documentary around BikingMan, covering …

This year’s edition of BikingMan Taiwan was brutal. It was not particularly easy last year, but the changes brought to the route …

Scratching with benefits

17 February 2020
Posted by David Styv

Today’s race report is a special one. It’s a special one first because it comes with the words of veteran Marcus, who …

Rodney Soncco, 2-times BikingMan Champion (2018-2019) and multiple BikingMan race winners, introduces you to the 2020 edition of the IncaDivide, in …

Buddy story in Portugal

27 October 2019
Posted by David Styv

After an impressive first ultra experience in the peruvian Andes, finishing 4th of the 3rd edition of IncaDivide, Guillaume was back for …

Corsican cold

2 June 2019
Posted by David Styv

After a podium finish for his second attempt in Oman, Jason was back for more on the mediterranean island. Applying the famous …

Our dear friend & filmmaker Ryan, part of our team on the BikingMan Oman 2019, has been hard at work on a …

Road.cc has published an awesome video that comes back on the epic Oman adventure. Follow Jonas as he raced the sultanate, cross …

A magic backcloth

7 April 2019
Posted by David Styv

Today, a race report from one of our BikingMan legends, and veteran rider, Rob. After successfully completing Corsica and Taiwan, and before …

Sharing is an important part of the adventure. Ryan, who joined us in Oman to cover the 2019 race, has just …

Our partner Velosock, who gently offered exclusive BikingMan bike socks for every category winners of the 2019th edition of BikingMan Oman, is …

Ultra Duo in Taiwan

27 March 2019
Posted by David Styv

Romain shares his story beyond the race of Taiwan, from his meeting with Simon, pair partner in Asia, to the decision process …

Start of an ultra journey

11 March 2019
Posted by David Styv

Describing herself as a “flatlander” with a rich experience in track cycling, with several record attempts, Jasmijn flet incredibly attracted by the …

Fighting against sleep

11 February 2019
Posted by David Styv

Taiwan is full of surprises. The first one obviously is its discovery itself as only few have a good idea of what …

Tales from the road in Taiwan

5 February 2019
Posted by David Styv

2018 series veteran Marcus Leach (@marcusleachglobal), shares his experience on the tropical island as he rode BikingMan Taiwan #1. “words of Marcus …

Read on the awesome and surprising cycling experience we had in Taiwan during our recon rides! In the foreigners’ mind, little is known …

David Styv, Auteur à BikingMan
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