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Julien Rigaud E200 20230204

Julien Rigaud

Male - 46 yo 2023-02-04
Ride distance 220 km
Ride elevation 3491 m
Ride time 09h13m
Romain Bezot E200 20220917

Romain Bezot

Male - 47 yo 2022-09-17
Ride distance 234 km
Ride elevation 7287 m
Ride time 12h14m
Pascal Chambouvet E200 20221028

Pascal Chambouvet

Male - 48 yo 2022-10-28
Ride distance 378 km
Ride elevation 3704 m
Ride time 15h16m
Benoit Lepettre E200 20220922

Benoit Lepettre

Male - 53 yo 2022-09-22
Ride distance 323 km
Ride elevation 6877 m
Ride time 18h42m
Malik Meloula E200 20220528

Malik Meloula

Male - 35 yo 2022-05-28
Ride distance 259 km
Ride elevation 3023 m
Ride time 10h39m
Thibault Guerin E200 20221126

Thibault Guerin

Male - 37 yo 2022-11-26
Ride distance 244 km
Ride elevation 4227 m
Ride time 11h03m
Philippe Lebeau E200 20220625

Philippe Lebeau

Male - 59 yo 2022-06-25
Ride distance 217 km
Ride elevation 4234 m
Ride time 10h15m
Alexis Arthaud E200 20221110

Alexis Arthaud

Male - 48 yo 2022-11-10
Ride distance 402 km
Ride elevation 2752 m
Ride time 16h39m
Sullyvan Badet E200 20221111

Sullyvan Badet

Male - 41 yo 2022-12-11
Ride distance 209 km
Ride elevation 2503 m
Ride time 09h55m
Guy-Olivier Cuenot E200 20220813

Guy-Olivier Cuenot

Male - 56 yo 2022-08-13
Ride distance 203 km
Ride elevation 2937 m
Ride time 09h36m
Pascal Simonin E200 20220627

Pascal Simonin

Male - 44 yo 2022-06-27
Ride distance 215 km
Ride elevation 2000 m
Ride time 12h36m
Frederic Dias E200 20221026

Frederic Dias

Male - 52 yo 2022-10-26
Ride distance 254 km
Ride elevation 3314 m
Ride time 12h18m
Didier Dehaye E200 20220924

Didier Dehaye

Male - 61 yo 2022-09-24
Ride distance 208 km
Ride elevation 3453 m
Ride time 10h13m
Lili Suhendar E200 20220814

Lili Suhendar

Male - 48 yo 2022-08-14
Ride distance 220 km
Ride elevation 2593 m
Ride time 12h22m
Laurent Cupial E200 20220611

Laurent Cupial

Male - 54 yo 2022-06-11
Ride distance 215 km
Ride elevation 4202 m
Ride time 09h08m
Jerome Tinard E200 20220807

Jérôme Tinard

Male - 52 yo 2022-08-07
Ride distance 218 km
Ride elevation 4272 m
Ride time 10h05m
Josemberg Da Silva Freitas E200 20220827

Josemberg Da Silva Freitas

Male - 38 yo 2022-08-27
Ride distance 252 km
Ride elevation 2912 m
Ride time 13h18m
Laurent Lataste E200 20220809

Laurent Lataste

Male - 39 yo 2022-08-09
Ride distance 230 km
Ride elevation 4423 m
Ride time 12h02m
Marcelo Amador E200 20220805

Marcelo Amador

Male - 45 yo 2022-08-05
Ride distance 219 km
Ride elevation 5095 m
Ride time 13h42m
Cesar Pupo E200 20220730

Cesar Pupo

Male - 37 yo 2022-07-30
Ride distance 399 km
Ride elevation 6707 m
Ride time 20h29m
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