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In its beginnings, cycling was a practice devoted to exploring the world and surpassing oneself. The Tour de France, emblem of cycling competition, quickly restricted to ordinary men then professional athletes, the pleasure of traveling long distances and facing extreme weather conditions.

The BikingMan resuscitates these ultra-long distance bicycle races by bringing together women and men around events without any assistance (food, repairs, orientation, no following vehicle). Alone or in duo, you will explore your limits day and night, in the heart of demanding territories. Each race follows sublime routes and brings together extreme climatic and topographic conditions. Along with amateurs and professionals, you will taste the freedom of the ultra-distance where everyone is looking for their own iconic victory.

Whether you aim to win or more humbly finish, prepare yourself for the adventure!

Prepare yourself to the BikingManDiscover the Ultra Academy

Tips, tricks and resources, in this section you will find everything you need to know to meet the challenge of ultra-cycling. Over 1000 women and men aged 20 to 74 took up the challenge, why not you?

The BikingMan is also a unique community, driven by the same passion for cycling, ultra-distance and travel. We share their adventure stories, video tutorials that can give you the confidence to get started. Ready?

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    Discover the 555 Alpes-Maritimes #2 A new gravel event by BikingMan

    BikingMan is introducing a new 555 race on the french riviera: over the course of a single weekend (from friday to sunday), come ride across the hidden gems of the Alpes-Maritimes.
    Taking inspiration from the IncaDivide, the course features a mix of road, gravel and unique verticality and is a special opportunity to explore the emblematic places of the riviera.
    Places are limited.

    Start and finish of the race: Valberg.

    555 Alpes-Maritimes by BikingMan


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    About BikingMAN

    BikingMan is the 1st unsupported ultracycling world championship. We share our passion of exploration cycling, bikepacking and long distance feats and help financing solidarity actions.

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    is the Title partner of the BikingMan championship.
    Sharing through the design of their bikes the same values of escape and adventure, Origine has teamed up with BikingMan to immerse you in these extraordinary ultracycling experiences.

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