November 2018

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The 2019 calendar of the unassisted ultracycling championship is available

For the 2nd edition, the athletes will race in the desert of Oman, the forest and mountains of Corsica, the jungle of Laos, through the Andes in Peru, the extreme south-west of Portugal and finally in the tropical climate of Taiwan. This is the ultimate endurance challenge for athletes who are ready to test themselves on the most challenging conditions of the globe (weather and terrain).

BikingMan FoundationSupport firemen, around the world

Each event organized by BikingMan helps to finance direct actions (equipment, field training).

BikingMan is a partner of Pompiers Sans Frontières, a non profit organization with local influence in South America since 1991 and around the world. Part of BikingMan’s profit are helping the NPO to finance field actions around the world.

INCADIVIDE ultra bikepacking race

Unassisted ultracycling race on the Incan roads

Get the quintessence of Peru and its most spectacular regions! Explore the coastal desert of dunes, the high altitude of Northern Peru, the mythical White Cordillera and approach the summits of the Huayhuash mountains in the most epic unsupported race on the planet. The 3rd edition of Inca Divide will focus on the cycling areas of Peru in the heart of the Huascaran National Park. A stunning race mixing asphalt and gravel, in breathtaking scenery, the Grail of ultra bikepacking! A film on 2018 edition is available: here.

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  • Laos – Carnet d’exploration

    Laos – Carnet d’exploration

    Read on the experience we had in Laos during the recon rides we have completed there in 2018. Get an understanding of what to expect during the race which has been added to the 2019 series and will count in the overall ranking of the championship. “Carnet d’exploration Laos”
  • FAQ BikingMan Corsica #2

    FAQ BikingMan Corsica #2

    GENERAL INFORMATION All the rules and conditions of the BikingMan CORSICA 2019 are listed in the race agreement, read it carefully (download here). When is the BIKINGMAN Corsica? – April 29th until May 3rd, 2019. The check-in of the athletes and their equipment will take place on the weekend of …
  • Azur TV – pedaling at an altitude of 5,800m

    Azur TV – pedaling at an altitude of 5,800m

    Azur TV interviewed Axel Carion during the Big Emission on one of the latest challenges he has achieved: pedaling on the highest runway in the world on the slopes of the Uturuncu volcano in Bolivia. Be careful of the legs and the breath, the altitude changes all the rules of cycling …
BikingMan unassisted ultracycling World Championship

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BikingMan is the 1st unassisted ultra cycling world championship. We promote ultra cycling without assistance, bikepacking and long distance feats for experienced athletes and help financing solidarity actions.

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