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The BikingMan ultracycling races are unassisted (without external assistance). This is the ultimate endurance challenge for athletes that are ready to cycle unassisted in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions.

The 2020 season will be composed of 6 races and will bring together the most demanding climatic and topographic conditions on the planet. From the desert of Oman, to the stunning mountains of Corsica, the jungle of Laos, the high altitude of the Peruvian Andes, the extreme south-west of Portugal and…
To be ranked in the 2020 BikingMan Series, same rule as in previous years, you will need to be “finisher” on a minimum of 2 (two) BikingMan races.

2019 season

BIKINGMAN - COURSE - PORTUGALSeptember 23rd 2019Portugal
BIKINGMAN - RACE Logo - Portugal
PORTUGAL #1Borders of the Iberian Peninsula

Explore the Algarve mountains and the fortified cities of the Alentejo along the Spanish border. Join the Atlantic coast to reach the western-most point of Europe.

Portugal By BIKINGMAN | Race typeSprint
Portugal By BIKINGMAN | Distance course950 km
Portugal By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé course10.000 m
Portugal By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la course5D / 120H
Type100% Paved
BIKINGMAN - COURSE - TAIWANNovember 4th 2019Taiwan
TAIWAN #2In the Qing dynasty’s footsteps

Discover the hidden face of Taiwan! Challenge yourself on its challenging mountains in the heart of several national parks and close to the sublime Chinese sea.

Taiwan By BIKINGMAN | Race typeSprint
Taiwan By BIKINGMAN | Distance course1.150 km
Taiwan By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé course18.000 m
Taiwan By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la course5D / 120H
Type100% Paved


BIKINGMAN - COURSE - OMANFebruary 22nd 2020Sultanate of Oman
OMAN #3In Marco Polo’s footsteps

Explore the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on an improved course: the Hajar Mountains, the spectacular Jebel Shams pass, the Ash Sharqiyah Desert and the Arabian Sea. Get away from winter and ride across the desert of Oman.

Oman By BIKINGMAN | Race typeSprint
Oman By BIKINGMAN | Distance course1.060 km
Oman By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé course8.700 m
Oman By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la course5D / 120H
Type95% Paved / 5% Gravel
BIKINGMAN - COURSE - CorsicaApril 27th 2020Corsica
BIKINGMAN - COURSE logo - Corsica
CORSICA #3The mountain in the sea

New course for 2020! Dare to ride around the Jewel island and get the maximum experience! Natural park, southern paradise beaches, enchanting coastline, desert and Cap Corse: Corsica at a 100%.

Corsica By BIKINGMAN | Race typeSprint
Corsica By BIKINGMAN | Distance course850 km
Corsica By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé course15.000 m
Corsica By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la course5D / 120H
Type100% Paved
INCADIVIDE #4Exploring the Sacred Valley

The grail of the BikingMan series will unveil a completely new race course, mostly on gravel. You will explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Cusco and ride across the marvels and beauties of the Andes.

IncaDivide By BIKINGMAN | Race typeDivide
IncaDivide By BIKINGMAN | Distance course1.600 km
IncaDivide By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé course38.000 m
IncaDivide By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la course14D / 336H
Type20% Paved / 80% Gravel



BIKINGMAN - COURSE - LAOSOctober 26th 2020Laos
BIKINGMAN - Race logo - Laos
LAOS #2The pearl of South East Asia

The land of the million elephants will be featuring an improved course in North-eastern Laos. You will explore the tropical jungle, ride along the Mekong, rice fields and through the ethnic villages of Laos.

Laos By BIKINGMAN | Race typeSprint
Laos By BIKINGMAN | Distance course920 km
Laos By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé course17.000 m
Laos By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la course5D / 120H
TypeMixed conditions

BikingMan points system for the World Series

To enter the BikingMan Series ranking, the same rules apply from the 2018 and 2019 seasons’ series, riders will be required to be “finisher” on a minimum of two BikingMan races in the same category.

2 race formats – 2 points level
the points system is made easy and simple, no fancy calculation or hidden rule that you would discover the hard way.


  • Each race in the series allows the rider to score category points (Solo male, solo female, team)
  • The amount of points is based on the rider’s position at finish, for the first 20 finishing riders
  • Beyond the first 20 positions, each finisher scores points.
  • The following chart details the points given for each position/finisher for both race formats: Sprint (time-limit < 120hours) and Divide (time-limit > 240hours).
BIKINGMAN - Points System

Ready for thenext race? Portugal #1

The latest addition to the ultracycling series, the Iberian Peninsula takes you for an exciting ride to explore the mountain range of the Algarve and the many fortified cities of the Alentejo along the Spanish border.

Join the Atlantic coast to reach the westernmost point of Europe by following the Portuguese secret routes.
Start and finish of the race: Faro.

BikingMan PORTUGAL 2019

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