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2015 The Origin

Founded by Axel Carion, the BikingMan was born in 2015 while Axel crossed the Andes Cordillera in South America, with a 60 kg loaded bike. Coming back from 249 days of expedition, on the most remote tracks of the Andes Cordillera, he had the idea to create a championship of ultra-distance cycling races which would bring together the most extreme climatic and topographic conditions of the planet. These races would be aimed at women and men of all horizons (amateurs and professionals).

In 2016, he went to prepare the IncaDivide course, the 1st “pilot” race of the BikingMan series, in the heart of the Andes Cordillera (Ecuador / Peru). 1 woman and 16 men would then participate… This is the beginning of a great adventure.

A name, an inspiration

The “Burning Man” festival, which brings together people around the musical passion and Art, inspired the name of “BikingMan” to bring together people passionate about endurance and adventure in amazing places.

Since 2016, our team has been developing ultra-long distance races to guarantee a spectacular ultracycling experience without any assistance. Follow the news of the races on our blog.

The environmental commitment

We are caring about the carbon footprint of our events. No following cars external to the organization are authorized. There is no constant ballet of vehicles between participants and it guarantees a total immersion in the natural areas explored.

This “ethos” of respect for the environment is shared by the BikingMan community (participants and volunteers) as well as all the partners of each event, to preserve the territories.

The Team


Axel is the explorer of the team. Since 2011, he takes his bike on the most dizzying routes in the world, in search of unique cultural encounters. He shares his passion during conferences and his adventure stories.

Nickname: Cycling Shaman


Didier is the smile of the team. And when he is not smiling, he is either driving a 4×4 on impossible roads or tracks, or walking along the Camino de Santiago for the 8th or 9th time …

Nickname: Didou

Digital Content

David is the Eye of the team. He spends most of his time capturing unforgettable photos of the pain and joy of the participants but can also reply to a chat request at 1:00 am…!

Nickname: David Styv


Passionate about travel, ultradistance and gravel, Vinicius has been organizing and designing ultracycling challenges in Brazil for several years.

Nickname: Vini

The BikingMan Spirit A life-changing race experience

More than 3,000 people from 51 nationalities have gathered up on more than 40 events to challenge the BikingMan. It is much more than the 1st ultracycling world championship. These unsupported cycling events are designed to showcase the freedom of long-distance cycling and celebrate the achievement of ordinary women and men.

A tremendous solidarity quickly developed around each race with more and more volunteers (the “race angels”) who participate in creating an unforgettable life experience for each participant. Our finish lines are festive places that celebrate achievement and place ultra-long distance cycling as an experience that can change your life.

Watch the Race Angels documentary

The Rules of BikingMan

  • Solo or Pair riding from the race start to the finish line
  • Self-supported fueling, resting, repairing
  • Drafting and pack-riding are forbidden
  • External assistance is forbidden
  • No support cars
  • Race progress validated at mandatory checkpoints
  • Satellite tracking mandatory (provided by the organization)

Our values Why join the BikingMan adventure?

BIKINGMAN - bike bib plate

BIKINGMAN - Repair friendship

BIKINGMAN - Team spirit

The number of ultra-distance cycling events has grown in recent years with constantly different experiences, frameworks and rules for participants.
On the other hand, all BikingMan races benefit from the same care taken in their organization and the same warm atmosphere. The routes are the subject of in-depth studies (routes, road conditions, meteorological analysis, points of interest) and intense discussions with local populations and communities. Our team performs the bike recons of each route, reproducing all the conditions of an ultracycling race without any assistance. The goal: making sure you can enjoy the most beautiful experience of ultra-distance cycling.
With consolidated experience of more than 40 international events organized in 8 years, BikingMan has become the benchmark for global ultradistance.

The Safety

Each event takes place on open roads and requires special attention from us as organizers. We devote a lot of energy, attention and logistical means to secure our events.

The organization set up

  • Mobile logistics teams
  • Live GPS tracking of each cyclist (also accessible to loved ones)
  • Progress monitoring by volunteers at each checkpoint
  • Race village to bring together the riders at the start and finish of the races
  • “Real-time” multilingual communication between the organization and the cyclists
  • SOS function accessible to each cyclist in case of problems

Keeping an eye on the race

The community

Joining a BikingMan event, it’s discovering a community of extraordinary women and men who share a common passion for cycling, adventure and sublime places. The competition transpires in every race, with a deep mutual respect between each participant. The BikingMan is not a mass event and we voluntarily limit the number of seats to maintain the friendly atmosphere described by our veterans.

The Solidarity

You will be alone or in a duo, pedaling on our events. On the other hand, on each race, you will be able to feel the tremendous solidarity in the effort expressed by our teams and volunteers on the ground (race village, checkpoints and finish-line). The BikingMan is often described as “the adventure of a lifetime” by our veterans. We are aware of the physical and mental commitment necessary to reach each of our finish-lines and that is why you will always find us there with a smile whatever your arrival time!

The exploration of our planet

Rare are the opportunities in a lifetime that really allow you to discover a culture and a territory. The BikingMan is also and above all the most wonderful reason to explore the beauties of our planet alongside singular people, thanks to an immersive approach to places. Leaving no trace except in people’s hearts is the ambition of the BikingMan.

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About BikingMAN

BikingMan is the 1st unsupported ultracycling world championship. We share our passion of exploration cycling, bikepacking and long distance feats and help financing solidarity actions.

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