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We are endurance enthusiasts and adventurers and guarantee stunning self-supported ultra cycling experiences.

2015 The name origins

Founded by Axel Carion, BikingMan was born in 2015, as Axel crossed South America from Colombia to Argentina, with a 60 kg loaded bike. Returning from this trip to the most remote areas of the Andes, he decided to create adventure self supported ultra cycling races in the most stunning places on the planet to bring together athletes of all disciplines.
In 2016, he returned to the heart of the Andes Cordillera to build the IncaDivide, the first race of the BikingMan series that brings together seasoned athletes in the heart of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Andes.

BikingMan - Axel and Andreas

An inspiring name

The “Burning Man” festival that brings together individuals around the passion for music and art inspired the name of BikingMan to gather adventurous cyclists in unique locations.

Our team is constantly working on epic destinations to ensure a spectacular self-supported ultra cycling experience. Follow the news of the races on:

Environmental commitment

We pay a particular attention to the carbon footprint of BikingMan races. No external cars from the organization are allowed. No incessant ballet of vehicles between the athletes, this guarantees a complete immersion of the competitors.
An environmental form is signed by the participants of our races, as well as all selected BIKINGMAN partners to ensure the preservation of the destinations explored.

2017 The Guinness World Record

On January 1st 2017, after long months of preparation, Axel and his team, started an attempt to beat the world record for the cycle crossing of South America to raise funds for the NPO Pompiers Sans Frontières.
The experience acquired during nearly 50 non-stop cycling days in rough conditions, and that of the logistics team (social media promotion, public relations and safety) allows to establish a solid framework and rules for the BikingMan race series.

Inca Divide - Respect des concurrents

Our Ultra Cycling spirit Designing epic ultra cycling races with a mix of long-distance challenge and adventure

Bikepacking is a cycling practice where you have to carry, with the lightest possible equipment (bike, bags), enough to be able to ride self-supported, without external assistance (ex: car follower, volunteers). Each BikingMan race respects a self-supported ultra cycling format. Beyond pure cycling skills, orienteering and an ability to adapt to an unknown environment are essential to become a finisher.
In contrast to ultra-cycling racing formats where assistance is allowed and where the pure performance of the athlete is crucial, the BikingMan races are precisely designed to bring together athletes in unfamiliar and uncommon environments. A BikingMan race is a total challenge, where every rider, even experienced, will have to go beyond her/his limits and manage her/his effort to reach the finish line.

The BikingMan Rules

  • No support cars
  • Self-supported race Fueling, resting, repairing
  • Race progress validated at mandatory checkpoints
  • Drafting and riding in packs are forbidden
  • GPS tracking system of every athlete
  • External assistance forbidden
  • SOLO or PAIR rider from race start to the finish line

Inca Divide - Respect des concurrents

BikingMan values and the spirit of our races

BIKINGMAN - Préparation et Test course marathon ultra

BIKINGMAN - Préparation et repérage course marathon ultra

BIKINGMAN - Préparation orientration course marathon ultra

Each BikingMan race we organize, requires extensive investigations (best routes, road conditions, weather analysis, points of interest, rider safety), intense discussions with local people / communities and several bike recognitions. We always reproduce self-supported ultra cycling conditions during our recons.

Be safe

Ensure riders’ safety is our leitmotif. We mobilize a lot of energy for each race to guarantee the safety of riders throughout the challenge.

What we bring on every race

  • Mobile cars for logistics
  • GPS Tracker + live tracking platform of every rider (with public portal for relatives)
  • Manned checkpoints to validate racers’ progression
  • Logistic assistance to facilitate riders’ arrival and departure
  • Frequent communication between riders and BikingMan organization
  • In case of life threatening situations: an SOS function available on every GPS beacon

Inca Divide - Securite

Be unique

Our team and our ambassadors are driven by the same passion of discovering unique locations for cyclists. The ultra adventure for every adventurous cyclist! We share the passion of ultra distance cycling in every race we organize. We ensure that our riders will experience the unique and be one of the few to accomplish such epic self-supported races.

Be united

BikingMan donates, every year, 2% of its revenues to directly support countries hosting its races. We are passionate about sports and human encounters which shape the soul of the races we design. Mutual respect and assistance are keystones of our races.

Be gathered

We endeavor to share the passion for self supported ultra cycling and bikepacking around unique ultra challenges. BikingMan organization also guarantees unique riding experiences to every rider with spectacular locations that will remain engraved in their memory.

About BikingMan organization

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About BikingMAN

BikingMan is the 1st unsupported ultracycling world championship. We share our passion of exploration cycling, bikepacking and long distance feats and help financing solidarity actions.

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