Read on the awesome and surprising cycling experience we had in Taiwan during our recon rides! In the foreigners’ mind, little is known …

What is the best bikepacking configuration to explore Laos? After spending 5 days on the entire race course and many more …

What to expect of the upcoming BikingMan Laos in May 2019? Axel, founder of the series, explored Laos in 2018 accompanied …

FAQ BikingMan Laos #1

11 January 2019

NAVIGATION General information When is the BIKINGMAN Laos? Where does the race start and finish? Is it asphalt or gravel? How …

What to expect of the upcoming BikingMan Portugal in September 2019? Marcus Leach, finisher of 3 BikingMan races and of all grand …

Read on the global cycling experience we had in Portugal during our recon rides for 2019 edition! We ate too much Pastels cakes, …

Laos – Carnet d’exploration

13 December 2018

Read on the experience we had in Laos during the recon rides we have completed there in 2018. Get an understanding of what …

FAQ BikingMan Corsica #2

3 October 2018

GENERAL INFORMATION All the rules and conditions of the BikingMan CORSICA 2019 are listed in the race agreement, read it carefully …

Azur TV interviewed Axel Carion during the Big Emission on one of the latest challenges he has achieved: pedaling on the highest runway …

Robbie Ferri, finisher of the 2018 incadivide in less than 195 hours, shares the racing setup he used in Peru. Discover …

Axel Carion, founder of the series and long distance bikepacking explorer, shares key advice to come well prepared in Taiwan. This …

IncaDivide race on Eurosport

14 August 2018

Aaron Lee from Eurosport had an interview with Axel Carion, founder of the BikingMan race series. They shared about the results standings of …

The leaderboard of the season has been updated with Oman, Corsica and Peru race results! You can check who are the leaders of …

GENERAL INFORMATION (last update: November 2018) All the rules and conditions of BikingMan OMAN 2019 are listed in the race agreement, read …

Cyclist magazine shared the amazing race report of Marcus Leach, one of BikingMan Oman #1 2018 finishers. Read on his journey as he …

Robbie Ferri, ultracyclist from england who raced the entire 2018 series, is sharing the kit list and bike details he used …

Josh Ibbet, ultracyclist from england and long distance bikepacking traveler, is sharing the kit list and bike details he used in …

BikingMan announces first ever self-supported ultra-cycling series to take place in 2018 The global series consists of four races located in the …

Muscat Daily newspaper, shared a detailed story on BikingMan Oman race. “The highlight of the race will definitely be the Jebel Shams …

We Love Cycling , the online cycling magazine interviewed Axel and Andreas about their World Record and the BikingMan race series for …

Bicycle Times Magazine, the American cycling magazine, shared a detailed story on BikingMan OMAN Race. “Although it’s called a race because of the …

BikingMan Oman race kit

2 October 2017

Discover the race package for the inaugural edition of BikingMan Oman 2018. Axel Carion shares what every racer will receive before …

Your guide to BikingMan Oman

11 September 2017

RedBull shared an article on BikingMan OMAN organized from February 25th until March 2nd 2018. You can read their article and see …

Axel Carion gives some useful tips to help you bring the best bike and bikepacking bags kit to race the BikingMAN …

The most vertical ultra cycling race on the planet took place in July. 6 athletes out of the 17 who started …

OPEN Cycle, the Swiss bicycle manufacturer Axel and Andreas have used during their world record (Open U.P. frame), shared a featured story …

Inca inclined

5 July 2017

Café Du Cycliste, the french cycling apparel manufacturer, shared a featured story on IncaDivide Race. You can read the story on how this …

The Red Bulletin focus

9 June 2017

The Red Bulletin wrote a story on BikingMan world record completed in January-February 2017. You can read the 8 pages story (in …

Oh my Oman

2 June 2017

Café Du Cycliste shared a featured story on BikingMAN Oman race next February. Highly addictive reading content… You can read the story …

Rodney Soncco Zuñiga

16 May 2017

Nouveau challenger


14 April 2017

Nouveau challenger

Uruguayan newspaper “El Observador” has written an in-depth story on Axel Carion and Andreas Fabricius World Record cycling the length of South …


8 April 2017

Nouveau challenger

Fábio Mansur

5 April 2017

Nouveau challenger

We discussed with Joel Steve, former PRO triathlete (53 ironman completed), Race Across America finisher (1994), coach and expert in bike-fitting. …

Gustavo Breitenbucher

3 April 2017

Nouveau challenger

South America Bites

24 March 2017

Café Du Cycliste shared a featured story on our South American Epic world record. 50 days of spectacular riding experience across the …

Marcel Esser

20 March 2017

Nouveau challenger

Strava, the social network for athletes, has written a story on Axel Carion and Andreas Fabricius’ World Record in South America. The …

Yoshie YABU

11 March 2017

Nouveau challenger

Felipe BORJA

7 March 2017

Nouveau challenger

Toyota advertising spot

6 March 2017

During our World Record cycling the length of South America, Toyota Argentina, our main sponsor, made a promotional video based on …


3 March 2017

Nouveau challenger


24 February 2017

Nouveau challenger


29 January 2017

New challenger

At the beginning of their world record attempt, Andreas Fabricius and Axel Carion, released a video that was shared all around …

The TV interview of Axel Carion on Saturday 25 December 2016 on french television – France 3. Axel Carion and Andreas …

VeloChannel interview

7 December 2016

French webzine dedicated to all-round cycling has shared an interview on IncaDivide ultra cycling challenge. Some details on IncaDivide route and logistics …

Cyclosportissimo interview

25 October 2016

Cyclosportissimo, french webzine dedicated to ultra cycling and cyclosportive events, has interviewed IncaDivide founders (Ultra cycling challenge from Quito to Cuzco in …

La Red radio interview

25 August 2016

La Red radio interview

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