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January 2017

World Record

Our team set up the fastest time to cycle the length of South America by bike

49 days, 23 hours and 43 minutes to cycle 10.685 km kilometers between Cartagena in Colombia to Ushuaia in Argentina. This is the time it took, in January 2017, for Axel and Andreas, friends and associates in life, to achieve this challenge, as a team. They helped to raise funds for South American firemen through this world record.

BikingMan FoundationSupport firemen, around the world

Each event organized by BikingMan helps to finance direct actions (equipment, field training).

BikingMan is a partner of Pompiers Sans Frontières, a non profit organization with local influence in South America since 1991 and around the world. Part of BikingMan’s profit are helping the NPO to finance field actions around the world.


3500km Ultra cycling race, self supportedon the Incan roads

IncaDivide Full race starts in Quito – Ecuador. Half race starts in Cajamarca – Peru. It is a spectacular ultra marathon cycling race where riders will cross legendary Incan road networks with outstanding high altitude cycling playground. What to expect ? Avenue of the volcanoes, Amazon rainforest, passes above 4000m, the best of the Andes Cordillera.

// Start July 2017

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  • The Red Bulletin focus

    The Red Bulletin wrote a story on BikingMan world record completed in January-February 2017. You can read the story on the sports section of the Red Bulletin (in english) by following the link. Thank you to the journalist Patricia Oudit. « Colombia to Argentina, two men, 10,685km, 49 days »
  • Oh my Oman

    Café Du Cycliste shared a featured story on BikingMAN Oman race next February. Highly addictive reading content… You can read the story on their “La Gazette Blog” (in english) by following this link. Thank you to Ali Mckee for this focus. “Oh My Oman“
  • Rodney Soncco Zuñiga

    Nouveau challenger
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