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20 October 2017

INFORMATIONS GÉNÉRALES When and where is INCADIVIDE #2? – from July 1st to 12th 2018, race starts and finishes in Trujillo, the cultural capital …

GENERAL INFORMATION When is the race? – 25th of February until 2nd of March 2018 It is paved or unpaved? – The …

BikingMan Oman race kit

2 October 2017

Discover the race package for the inaugural edition of BikingMan Oman 2018. Axel Carion shares what every racer will receive before …

Your guide to BikingMan Oman

11 September 2017

RedBull shared an article on BikingMan OMAN organized from February 25th until March 2nd 2018. You can read their article and see …

Axel Carion gives some useful tips to help you bring the best bike and bikepacking bags kit to race the BikingMAN …

We have just uploaded a video on BikingMAN Youtube channel where Andreas Fabricius presents BikingMan Oman 2018 ultra cycling race. Learn …

The most vertical ultra cycling race on the planet took place in July. 6 athletes out of the 17 who started …

OPEN Cycle, the Swiss bicycle manufacturer Axel and Andreas have used during their world record (Open U.P. frame), shared a featured story …

Inca inclined

5 July 2017

Café Du Cycliste, the french cycling apparel manufacturer, shared a featured story on IncaDivide Race. You can read the story on how this …

The Red Bulletin focus

9 June 2017

The Red Bulletin wrote a story on BikingMan world record completed in January-February 2017. You can read the 8 pages story (in …

Oh my Oman

2 June 2017

Café Du Cycliste shared a featured story on BikingMAN Oman race next February. Highly addictive reading content… You can read the story …

Rodney Soncco Zuñiga

16 May 2017

Nouveau challenger

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