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Sharing a passion

The idea of BikingMan was born in the Southern Lipez region of Bolivia, while its founders Leticia and Axel, accompanied by a friend, were crossing the whole Andes Cordillera by bike in 2015…

BIKINGMAN Ultra Cycling Label

Axel and Leticia have 23 years of combined experience of sports and more than 45.000 km bikepacking adventures undertaken in Europe (North, Central and East), Africa and the Americas. They also have built a network of ambassadors (triathletes and passionate cyclists) to continuously improve their races.

While they were cycling their way through the Lipez Cordillera with 60kg bikes at 5000meters elevation passing by Licancabur volcano, the idea to share this extreme challenge with other audacious cyclists was born. The story of their journey is online :

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An inspiring name

The “Burning Man” festival that brings together individuals around the passion for music and art inspired the name of BikingMan to gather adventurous cyclists in unique locations.

BikingMan Team is currently working on several epic bikepacking challenges around the world. Stay connected on to be the first to ride them :

Environmental commitment

With a strong working background in renewable energy,, the BikingMan organization is committed to being environmentally aware.

BikingMan races are being organized in the most beautiful places on our planet. Every rider has to sign an environmental form before taking on a race and BikingMan partners are encouraged to promote environmental awareness.

BikingMan values and the spirit of our events

BIKINGMAN - Préparation et Test course marathon ultra

BIKINGMAN - Préparation et repérage course marathon ultra

BIKINGMAN - Préparation orientration course marathon ultra

Each bikepacking race we organize, requires extensive investigations (best routes, road conditions, weather analysis, points of interest, rider safety), intense discussions with local people / communities and several bike recognitions. We always reproduce Ultra cycling conditions during our recognitions.

Be safe

Ensure riders’ safety is our leitmotif. We mobilize a lot of energy for each race to guarantee the safety of riders throughout the challenge.

What we bring on every race

  • Mobile cars for logistics
  • Live GPS tracking of every rider (Accessible also for relatives)
  • Assistance on every checkpoint
  • Logistic assistance to facilitate riders’ arrival and departure
  • Frequent communication between riders and BikingMan organization
  • In case of life threatening situations: an SOS function available on every GPS beacon

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Be unique

Our team and our ambassadors are driven by the same passion of discovering unique locations for cyclists. The ultra adventure for every adventurous cyclist! We share the passion of bikepacking in every race we organize. We ensure that our riders will experience the unique and be one of the few to accomplish such epic self-supported challenges.

Be united

BikingMan donates, every year, 2% of its revenues to directly support countries hosting its races. We are passionate about sports and human encounters which shape the soul of the races we design. Mutual respect and assistance are keystones of our races.

Be gathered

We endeavor to share the passion for cycling and bikepacking around unique ultra challenges. BikingMan organization also guarantees unique riding experiences to every rider with spectacular locations that will remain engraved in their memory.

Our Ultra Cycling spirit Designing epic ultra cycling races with a mix of long-distance challenge and adventure

All our races are self-supported bikepacking challenges. To finish our races, beyond the cycling difficulty, every participant needs to handle fueling/accomodation/repairs with a high sense of direction and a strong faculty to adapt to unknown environments.

Every race is thoroughly studied to bring an unequalled epic bikepacking experience. A total challenge, even for experienced cyclists, where every participant will need to go beyond his own limits to reach the finish line.

BIKINGMAN organization - BikingMan

About BikingMAN

We design epic ultra cycling / bikepacking races off the beaten tracks. We promote ultra cycling, endurance events for experienced athletes and help financing field actions of solidarity.


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