Clément Mahe

Clément Mahe

Rider profile

Gender Male
Age 35yo
Member of the BikingMan family since 2019
Nb of Participations 4
Nb of Finishes x01
Ride distance 1050 km
Total elevation 8500 m
Total ride time 48h27m


BikingMan Oman
BikingMan Corsica
BikingMan Laos
BikingMan Portugal
BikingMan Taiwan


Portugal 2020
4 General
distance 950 km
elevation 12000 m
Ride time 42h01m
Oman 2020
4 General
distance 1050 km
elevation 8500 m
Ride time 48h27m
Portugal 2019
distance 0 km
elevation 0 m
Ride time 0h00m
Corsica 2019
distance 0 km
elevation 0 m
Ride time 0h00m
nc (= not classified) : the rider did complete the race within the race time limit but did not comply to the category he was engaged as / to the exact race course / did not reach intermediate checkpoints in time.
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Clément Mahe - BikingMan Family
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