OMAN Sprint RACE BIKINGMAN | Race type April 29th to May 3rd 2018

Dive into the heart of Corsica for a unique self-supported ultra cycling race. The route was designed to show you the secrets of the island. From Bastia, you will face the mountains through the Regional natural Park of Corsica, to reach the Southern parts of the island. You will then follow the west coast heading north, passing by its enchanting beaches, through the desert of the Agriates and around the Cap Corse. Corsica like you have never seen it…

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History and symbols of Corsica

One of the legends about the origin of the name given to the island of Corsica tells us that the Greeks would have called it Kallistê (in ancient Greek: “the most beautiful”). True or false, this mythical island is the crown jewel of the Mediterranean sea and offers an extraordinary cycling experience. Its topography makes it a mountain on top of the sea.

Being the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica has long been part of the Republic of Genoa before becoming a french department during the revolution, on January 15th 1790.

Its immense forests and numerous summits at 2.000 meters above sea level have long been a challenge for its potential invaders to penetrate its lands. The island has a rich and preserved biodiversity with many protected reserves. Its mountains, snowy in the winter, entail demanding passes, expect a hilly riding experience, at the best climatic / touristic period.

BikingMan Corsica in numbers

Corsica By BIKINGMAN | Race typeRace format Sprint
Corsica By BIKINGMAN | Distance courseDistance 700 km
Corsica By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé courseTotal elevation 13 000 m
Corsica By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la courseTime limit 5D – 120H
Corsica By BIKINGMAN | CheckpointCheckpoints with base camps 3

Athletes Hall of FAME

Come as you are is the number one rule for BikingMAN races. 2nd race of the year of the BikingMan series, Corsica will be a challenge for climbers! Check Corsica Hall of Fame to learn about the profile of the athletes who signed up for BIKINGMAN Corsica.

What’s included in my inscription

  • Baggage handling at race start/finish
  • OSM map + GPS route
  • Survival map water and tear-proof
  • GPS beacon dedicated to tracking and safety
  • Live tracking platform with dedicated app
  • Race briefing with official bib of the race
  • BikingMan teams at checkpoints to control your progression
  • Access to 3 base camps built by BikingMan teams
  • Media cars dedicated to race promotion
  • Access to prize pool and finishers goodies

What’s not included

  • Accommodations outside of base camps
  • Accommodations before/after the event
  • Medical certificate
  • Personal insurance with repatriation option

Register now as a SOLO or as a PAIR

The registration fee is 249 euros for athletes registering before the end of December 2017, 299 euros until the end of February 2018 and 349 euros until the closing of the registrations.
Slots are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Athletes who have subscribed to the “BikingPass” 2017 in a previous event have a priority place for the 2018 edition of BIKINGMAN Corsica.

Race partners Equipement & media

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A glimpse of the adventure

BIKINGMAN Corsica self-supported ultra cycling race May 2018

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