Portugal Sprint RACE BIKINGMAN | Race type September 23rd to 27th 2019
BikingMan Portugal #1

Explore the mountain range of the Algarve and the many fortified cities of the Alentejo along the Spanish border. Join the Atlantic coast to reach the westernmost point of Europe by following the Portuguese secret routes. Start and finish of the race: Faro.

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History and symbols of Portugal

Until the 12th century, Portugal was part of the Iberian Peninsula with Spain, and was long the scene of multiple occupations by Celtic people, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Greeks. Its name comes from Terra Portucallis which designates two cities at the mouth of the Douro: Portus (present-day Porto) and Cale (current Vila Nova de Gaia).

The regions of the Algarve and the Alentejo are covered with plains and hills rolling towards the ocean. Between “plaine dorée”, the mountain chain of the Algarve and the rough coasts of the south west, the country holds countless lovely secret routes. A large part of the architecture of the country dates from the 1500s to the 1800s, during which time Portugal was a powerful maritime empire.

The portuguese people, known as one of the warmest in Europe, will offer a family welcome and a generous gastronomy.

BikingMan Portugal in numbers

Portugal By BIKINGMAN | Race typeRace route Mandatory
Portugal By BIKINGMAN | Distance courseDistance 950 km
Portugal By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé courseTotal elevation 10000 m
Portugal By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la courseTime limit 5 days – 120 hours
Portugal By BIKINGMAN | CheckpointMandatory checkpoints 2

Athletes Hall of Fame

Are you ready to explore the confines of Europe in Portugal? The race is for all endurance and cycling enthusiasts. Whether you are aiming for the win or the experience, you will not see Portugal as before! We will be doing a monthly update of the Hall of Fame so that you can see the profiles of the athletes registered at BikingMan Portugal 2019.

What’s included in my registration

  • Luggage handling at race start/finish
  • OSM Map and GPS route
  • Survival Map water and tear-proof
  • GPS Beacon dedicated to tracking and safety
  • Live tracking platform with dedicated app
  • Goodies from partners
  • Race briefing with official bib of the race
  • Media cars dedicated to race promotion
  • Professional photographers on the road
  • Meals and BikingMan volunteers at checkpoints
  • Access to prize pool and finishers goodies

What’s not included

  • Fueling during the race outside of checkpoints
  • Accommodation + airport transfer before/during/after the race (optional services)
  • Medical certificate for multi-day unsupported cycling event
  • Personal insurance with repatriation option

How to Enter as a SOLO or as a PAIR

UPDATE! Limited to 100 athletes! Registration fees start at 299€ (tier 1 until December 31st 2018), 329€ (tier 2 until March 1st 2019) and 359€ (tier 3 until registrations close).

Race Partners Equipment & media

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A glimpse of the Adventure

Ultra cycling race in Portugal - BIKINGMAN Portugal in September 2019
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