LAOS Sprint RACE BIKINGMAN | Race type May 20th to 24th 2019
BikingMan Laos #1

Explore the jewel of eastern Asia, the kingdom of the million elephants. Challenge yourself in a mountain race across the tropical jungle, Follow the Mekong river and go meet the many ethnic villages. Start and finish of the race: Luang Prabang, cultural capital city of Laos.


History and Symbols of Laos

The first laotian kingdom “Lan Xang” (the kingdom of the million elephants), whose endemic species embodies Strength and Longevity, dates from the 16th century and had Luang Prabang as its capital city. The country is landlocked between Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.

Its topography mostly consists of tropical mountains in the north, and plateaus in the south. Mythical river of more than 4350kms, the Mekong, taking its source in Tibet, crosses the full length of the country to flow into the Sea of China.

The Laos population presents an exceptional diversity with more than 130 distinct groups identified. The majority of which is buddhist with more than 5000 temples built in the country. For the laotian population, warmly welcoming visitors and ensuring they enjoy a memorable stay in the country is a duty.

BikingMan LAOS en chiffres

BikingMan Laos By BIKINGMAN | Race type Race Route Mandatory
BikingMan Laos By BIKINGMAN | Distance courseDistance 780 km
BikingMan Laos By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé courseElevation 11000 m
BikingMan Laos By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la courseTemps limite 5 days – 120 hours
BikingMan Laos By BIKINGMAN | CheckpointMandatory Checkpoints 2

Athletes Hall of Fame

Ready to come test yourself on the laotian mountains and explore the jewel of east asia? We will be updating this hall of fame on a monthly to share the profiles of new athletes joining BikingMan Laos 2019.

What’s included in my registration

  • Bag storage at race start and finish
  • Local SIM card with data (for foreign athletes)
  • OSM map and GPS route
  • Survival map water and tear-proof
  • GPS Beacon dedicated to tracking and safety
  • Live tracking platform with dedicated app
  • Laos special edition cycling jersey
  • Goodies from partners
  • Race briefing with official bib cap of the race
  • Media car dedicated to race promotion
  • Professional photographers on the road
  • Hot meals and BikingMan volunteers at start and checkpoints
  • Access to BikingMan Series ranking and finishers’ goodies

What’s not included

  • Fueling during the race outside of checkpoints
  • Accomodation + airport transfer before/during/after the race (optional service)
  • Medical certificate for multi-day unsupported cycling event
  • Personal insurance with repatriation option

Register Now as SOLO or as a PAIR

First come, first served rule is applied. Registration fees start at 499€ (tier 1 until february 28th 2019), 539€ (tier 2 until march 31st 2019) and 579€ (tier 3 until registrations close). Only 50 slots available.

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Ultracycling race in Laos - BikingMan Laos in may 2019

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