Hall of fame IncaDivide 2019 4th race of the year of the BikingMan 2019 series, IncaDivide is our crown jewel and will be a high altitude challenge! Check on this page who has dared to tackle the Andes…Who will finish? Who will DNF? Rendez-vous on August 14th in Trujillo/Peru to unveil the story! #IncaDivide

  • The youngest athlete 29 years old
  • The dean of the race 70 years old
  • Countries represented 13
  • Women / Men 2 / 17
Total athletes registered 29slots
Slots available 21slots

INCA DIVIDE 2019 Athletes per category

The athletes list will be updated every month.

Juan Jacob Ceron – Colombia
Juan Romero – Colombia
Daniel Mamopulakos – Venezuela
Jacques Barge – France
Rob Packham – UK
Wisley Matarezio – Brazil
Luis Eduardo – Brazil
Giona Uccelli – Italy
Carlos Cesar Reis – Brazil
Fabian Burry – Switzerland
Jonas Deichmann – Germany
Jason Black – Ireland
Marcus Leach – UK
Frederico Kastrup – Brazil
Perrine Fages – France
Guillaume Chaumont – Belgium

Vinicius Martins – Brazil
Igor Laguens – Brazil
Paulina Pinto – Chile
Mariano Lopez – Chile

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BikingMan is the 1st unsupported ultracycling world championship. We share our passion of exploration cycling, bikepacking and long distance feats and help financing solidarity actions.

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