July 13th to 26th 2020
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IncaDivide #4

Explore the sacred valley of the Incas ! The fourth edition will reveal a complete new race course mostly on gravel roads in the sacred valley near Cuzco. You will ride across the marvels and beauties of the Andes mountains, live an unprecedented bikepacking adventure at high altitude and discover the Peruvian culture behind your handlebar.


BikingMan PERU #4 in numbers

INCADIVIDE By BIKINGMAN | Race typeRace start Urubamba
INCADIVIDE By BIKINGMAN | Distance courseDistance 1600 km
INCADIVIDE By BIKINGMAN | Dénivelé courseTotal elevation 38,000 m
INCADIVIDE By BIKINGMAN | Durée de la courseTime limit 14 days
INCADIVIDE By BIKINGMAN | CheckpointMandatory checkpoints 3

History and symbols of Peru

Heartland of the Inca Empire, Cuzco region is full of mind blowing gravel roads, built at the height of the empire. These numerous ramifications that cross the region are part of the “Qhapaq ñan” (royal road in Quechua), the ancient road network of the Incas which was traveled on foot by uncommon humans: the Chaskis. These exceptional athletes were able to communicate messages within the Inca Empire at unprecedented speeds and metabolic power alone.

Nowadays, Peru hides one of the most spectacular gravel cycling playground with superb passes and breathtaking landscapes. Highlight of the 2020 edition: the Ausangate and Salcantay, the highest peaks in the region which hide spectacular landscapes but also one of the most demanding bikepacking experience! Finish the race and explore then Macchu Picchu from the race village located in Urubamba village!

IncaDivide #4 is mainly about gravel (>80%) and high altitude!
Bring either:

  • A mountain bike or an extreme gravel bike (with large tires)
  • 2″ / 50mm tires minimum recommended

You are required to have the following equipments with you during the race. The organisation will ensure you have all mandatory equipement when you attend the athletes and bikes check-in.

  • GPS tracker – provided by the organisation
  • 1x spare set of 4x AAA batteries (for the GPS tracker)
  • 1x helmet
  • 1x front bicycle light (with permanent mode)
  • 1x back bicycle light (with permanent mode)
  • 1x bicycle pump (mandatory even when using tubeless tires)
  • 1x inner tube + 1x repair kit (patch + glue + tire remover – mandatory even when using tubeless tires)
  • Water bidons for a minimum water capacity of 1.5 liters
  • 1x pair of WINTER gloves
  • Leg + arm warmers
  • Reflective clothing (eg: Audax gilet, safety yellow jacket…)
  • 1x survival blanket
  • 1x jacket or jersey with light rain protection, ideally with hood
  • 1x down jacket
  • 1x sleeping bag
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Mobile phone and charging device (eg: dynamo or USB powerbank)
  • Paper and digital copy of your passport

Download the race manual V0:
Race Manual

Download the template for the sworn statement
Sworn statement template

Download the template for the medical certificate
Medical certificate template

Download the template for the tracker deposit
Tracker deposit template

Find below useful information on the logistics and the schedule for the race. The race start is next to Cusco international airport where taxis are easily available. You can then be driven to the race village at Sonesta Yucay hotel next to Urubamba city.

  • Check-in: Hotel Sonesta Yucay (Urubamba) – July 11th from 9am to 6pm and July 12th from 9am to 12pm
  • Race Start: Hotel Sonesta Yucay (Urubamba) – July 13th 2020 at 5am
  • CP1: Ollantaytambo – closing time to be confirmed
  • CP2: Hostel Samanawasi – closing time to be confirmed
  • CP3: Ccapacamarca – closing time to be confirmed
  • Race Finish: Hotel Sonesta Yucay (Urubamba) – before July 27th 2020 at 5am
  • Finisher party: Hotel Sonesta Yucay (Urubamba) – July 26th at 8pm

Athletes Hall of FAME

Is this challenge for you? Do you have what it takes to finish? You will never answer these questions until you try. Last year, 20 different countries reunited to explore Peru. Click on to discover who you will be meeting on the start line for this new adventure in Peru, in the heart of the Sacred valley. You can also take a look at 2019’s finishers.

What’s included in my inscription

Race Package

  • Race goodies
  • GPS tracker for safety and live-tracking
  • Race manual with GPS route
  • Brevet card to stamp your progression
  • Bag storage during the race


  • Equipment checking before the start
  • Race briefing with all participants
  • Manned checkpoints and volunteers on the road
  • SOS function on the tracker

Media coverage

  • Livetracking platform with dedicated app
  • Media cars on the course
  • Professional photographers on the road

After the race

  • Finisher medal
  • Prize pool and finishers’ goodies
  • Personal Photo Gallery available for sale in HD
  • The experience of a unique adventure


Participants Testimonials

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Unassisted ultracycling race - IncaDivide #4 July 2020
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