Hall of fame 2019BikingMAN Portugal #1 Come as you are is the number one rule for BikingMAN races. Triathletes, ultra runners, mountain bikers, road cyclists, Cape Epic finishers have joined last year. We update every month the Hall of Fame #BikingManPortugal #BMP

  • The youngest athlete 20 years old
  • The dean of the race 71 years old
  • Countries represented 20
  • Women / Men 8 / 74
  • Solo / Pair 58 / 24
Total athletes registered 82slots
Slots available 18slots

BIKINGMAN PORTUGAL 2019 Athletes per category

The athletes list will be updated every month.

Jacques Barge – France
Rob Packham – UK
Philip Newton – UK
Marc Lalande – France
Sven Coryn – Belgium
Henri Donadio – France
Matthias Hoffmann – Germany
Fabian Burri – Switzerland
Jonathan Chung Yan Poon – USA
Kris Boonefaes – Belgium
Dieter Schietse – Belgium
Rodney Sonnco – Peru
Hamad Alobeidli – UAE
Christophe Bonnifait – France
Bern Valarino – Gibraltar
Andrew Woodside – Canada
Cat Terleski – Canada
Anders Jørgensen – Denmark
Omar Alsaadi – UAE
Angelo Leich – Germany
Peter Magill – Denmark
Anthony Duriani – France
Robin Peters – Denmark
Jean-Paul Sachet – France
Derrick Murray – South Africa
Cédric Sachet – France
Anas Alsulaimani – Oman
Clement Mahe – France
Stéven Le Hyaric – France
Edgar Bos – Netherlands
Marcus Leach – UK
Marcel Esser – Netherlands
Christophe Iliou – France
Norberto Reina López – Spain
Ashley Stuart – UK
Barry Scott – UK
Gavin Harris – Ireland
Guillaume Chaumont – Belgium
Julien Vayssettes – France
Romain Wartel – France
Arthur Mcmahon – Ireland
Arturo Díaz Herrero – Spain
Brendan Cassidy – Ireland
Dimitri Spindler – Switzerland
Yves Conen – Belgium
Steve Greaves – UK
Vincent Drain – Ireland
Philipp Geering – Switzerland
Husna Mousavi – Afghanistan
Lindsay McCrae – UK
Adam Young – UK
Frank Nolf – Belgium
Helle Bachofen Van Echt – Denmark
Ryan Le Garrec – UK
Fergal Treacy – Ireland
Miguel Rola – Portugal
Tiago Cação – Portugal
Leandro Carlos Da Silva Oliveira – Brazil

Michael Apter & Vincent Renwick – France
Anne Wursthorn & Reinhard Mink – Germany
Fatima Hrnjic & Andreas Stockburger – Germany & Switzerland
Céline Freudiger & Stefan Som – Switzerland & Germany
Adam & Paul Heyburn – UK
Kateryna Shkarina & Oleksandr Dergai – Ukraine
Mehnaz Kamali & Ahmed Alteneiji – UAE
Luke Maiden & Lutz Wilgen – Australia & Germany
Mohammed Al Shandoudi & Hatim Al Booshri – Oman
Mshari Al Khalili & Musaab Al Rashdi – Oman
Pierre Colliot & Damien Vacalus – France
Paulo Jorge & João Conceição – Portugal

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