Hall of fame 2019BikingMAN Oman #2 Come as you are is the number one rule for BikingMAN races. Triathletes, ultra runners, mountain bikers, road cyclists, Cape Epic finishers have joined last year. We update every month the Hall of Fame #BikingManOman #BMO

  • The youngest athlete 26 years old
  • The dean of the race 70 years old
  • Countries represented 18
  • Women / Men 11 / 50
Total athletes registered 61slots
Slots available 39slots

BIKINGMAN OMAN 2019 Athletes per category

The athletes list will be updated every month.

Christian BIEHL – Germany
Tony Litson – United Kingdom
Matthias Hoffmann – Germany
Ed Plunkett – France
Adam Heyburn – United Kingdom
Torbjörn Svantesson – Sweden
David Wilson – USA
Simon Westbrook – Australia
Matthijs Ligt – Netherlands
Paul Gieraerts – Belgium
Daniel Leithner – Germany
Stuart James – United Kingdom
Jasmijn Muller – Netherlands
Anas Alsulaimani – Oman
Cat Terleski – Canada
Jonathan Chung Yan Poon – USA
Shane Little – United Kingdom
Renette Raynor – South Africa
Anders Jørgensen – Denmark
Abas Faraj – Syria
Marcel Graber – Switzerland
Perrine FAGES – France
Matt Coe – United Kingdom
Tobias Haupt – Germany
Simon De Schutter – Belgium
Jason Black – Ireland
Ralf Birke – Germany
Tim Kremer – Germany
Hasan Itani – Lebanon
Edric Cate – United Kingdom
Phil Shirley – United Kingdom
Rachel Banfield – New Zealand
Steve Greaves – United Kingdom
Catriona Archer – United Kingdom
Donncha Cuttriss – Ireland
Georgina Panchaud – UK
Richard Orton – UK
George Harper – UK
Peter Sandholt – Denmark
Simon Noel – France
Rob Packham – United Kingdom
Jacques Barge – France
Corey Hilliard – United States
Niko Weils – Germany
Alexander Schmitz – Germany

Boulos Nassar – Lebanon
Rebecca Witinok-Huber – USA
Hélène Vandendriessche – Belgium
Jan Versyp – Belgium
Ferdinand Pablo -Philippines
Mehnaz kamali
Stefan Slegl – Germany
Sandra Rosgalla – Germany
Edmond Menzies – South Africa
Derick Murray – South Africa
Michael Lewis – UK
Luke Maiden – UK

Discover the Hall of Fame for the BikingMan Oman 2019

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BikingMan is the 1st unassisted ultra cycling world championship. We promote ultra cycling without assistance, bikepacking and long distance feats for experienced athletes and help financing solidarity actions.

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