Hall of fame 2019 BikingMAN Corsica 2nd race of the year of the BikingMan championship, Corsica is the dream challenge for climbers! Check on this page the profile of the second edition of the race on the Jewel island…#BikingManCorsica

  • The youngest athlete 28 years old
  • The dean of the race 65 years old
  • Countries represented 10
  • Women / Men 2 / 44
  • SOLO / PAIR 38/ 8
Total athletes registered 46slots
Slots available 2nd wave 54slots

BIKINGMAN CORSICA 2019 Athletes per category

The athletes list will be updated every month.

David Claux – France
Kris Boonefaes – Belgium
Damien Vacalus – France
Alasdair Matheson – United Kingdom
Pierre Colliot – France
Stefan Barth – Germany
Samuel Moisan – France
Anthony Duriani – Corsica
Philippe Geffroy – France
Steve Lomax – United Kingdom
Craig Ritchie – United Kingdom
Mark Kassapian – United Kingdom
James Thomas – United Kingdom
Ben Cureton – Australia
Neil Taylor – United Kingdom
Alexandre De Khovrine – France
Camille Delanghe – France
Michelangelo Pacifico – Italy
Julien Vayssettes – France
Sébastien Tiberi – Corsica
Thomas Dupin – France
Fabian Burri – Switzerland
Hyacinthe Guerrini – France
Xavier Massart – Belgium
Benoit Monteil – France
Nicolas Gil – France
Bertrand Nerincx – Belgium
Laurent Gambotti – France
Jonas Deichmann – Germany
Mark Curphey – United Kingdom
Jason Black – Ireland
Anthony Bolton – France
Stéphane Bigeard – France
Francesco Di Iorio – Italy
Frank Nolf – Belgium
Romain Wartel – France
Christophe Meerpoel – France
Cedric Sachet – France

Clémence and Jean-Jacques Raffi – Corsica
Anne Wursthorn and Reinhard Mink – Germany
Luc Hervé and Thierry Pouyleau – France
Massimo Muttoni and Matteo Quadrio – Italy

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