January 2017

World recordAttempt

Crossing South America

Objective: Setting the Fastest time to cycle the length of South America (Cartagena to Ushuaia).

The route11 000 km Cartagena to Ushuaia

The itinerary will follow the Colombian Caribbean coast, the Colombian and Ecuadorean Andes cordillera, the Peruvian coastline, the Atacama desert in Chile, the pampas in Argentina, to finally reach Tierra Del Fuego and its most austral city: Ushuaia.

With a total climbing on the overall route of 86000 meters, this ultra-bike expedition will be a daily physical and mental challenge. Temperatures will vary from -5 to +40°C, altitude from sea level up to 4.400 meters !

  • 2 challengers
  • 11 000 km
  • < 58 days (current solo record)
  • 5 countries – 1 continent
  • 200 km / day

Parcours de la tentative de record de BikingMan

A challenge for a good cause To support NPO Bomberos Sin Fronteras

This charity campaign aims at raising 16 000 euros in total. Discover hereafter what your donation will help to support, at every stage reached: Découvrez ce que vos dons aideront à financer, à chaque palier atteint:

  • 1st stage | 1 000 €

    Buying 16 set of fire clothing (rangers, jackets, trousers, lights) for a Chilean firemen brigade (Los Maitenes)

  • 2nd stage | 4 000 €

    Buying a forest fire tanker, designed for Chilean environment

  • Special Stage | 5 000 €

    Remember Luis, This Colombian who ride 100 km a day to go to work. With his legs, he ridiculed our 2 cyclists engaged in full climb.
    After this video world tour, Biking Man agrees to buy a new bike in Luis once the intermediate level reaches 5000 €.

  • 3rd stage | 6 000 €

    Buying the necessary equipment for “arming” the tanker (necessary equipment for its future mission in Chile)

  • 4th stage | 12 000 €

    Carrying the tanker from France to Chile (truck of 45m3 and 7 tons)

  • 5th stage | 16 000 €

    Financing two weeks field training to tanker maneuver and fire extinction technics, by 3 Pompiers Sans Frontières trainers

*Funds are directly collected by NPO Bomberos Sin Fronteras/Pompiers Sans Frontières. Tax exempts can apply for french companies and individuals (example: a hundred donation will get 66€ tax exempts)

Focus on challengers A passion for endurance

BIKINGMAN - Challengers Record - Andréa Fabricius AndreasFabricius
  • Nationality Swedish
  • 33 years old

Profile Passionate about ultra distance, endurance races (IronMan, marathon) and ultra cycling. Always in search of new long distance challenges.

Experiences Multiple IronMan finisher (France, Switzerland and Mexico), 3x Bjorkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon Finisher (BAMM)

Vo2MAX 60 ml/min/kg

BIKINGMAN - Challengers Record - Axel Carion AxelCarion
  • Nationality French
  • 31 years old

Profile Passionate about multisport activities: triathlon, trailrunning and climbing. Adventurer with a passion for self-supported cycling expeditions off the beaten tracks.

Experiences 20.000 km of transcontinental cycling expeditions (North Africa, Europe and South America).

Vo2MAX 72 ml/min/kg

A challenge based on our values Promoting ultra cycling

BIKINGMAN - Challengers Record - Valeurs - Endurance


Daily mileage objective >200 km/day.

BIKINGMAN - Challengers Record - Valeurs - Ecologie


Self supported without motorized assistance.

BIKINGMAN - Challengers Record - Valeurs - Solidarité


Ambassadors of
Pompiers Sans Frontières.

Our Partners Equipment & logistics of the challenge

  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - Pompiers sans frontières

    Pompiers Sans Frontières

    Non Profit Organization (NPO) of international solidarity, created in 1991 by Serge Montesinos, and working to help communities development.


  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - Groupe Kingsway – WAA


    Ultra clothing designer and GPS solutions for remote areas.

    http://www.waa-ultra.com/en/ http://www.waa-tracking.com/en/

  • BikingMan - Logo Partenaire - findmespot.com


    GPS tracking solution suitable for long distance shipments.


  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - OPEN CYCLE


    Designer of all-round bicycle frame, from enduro to ultra cycling and gravel bike.


  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - Triathlon Store

    Triathlon Store

    First french store specialized and dedicated to passionates of triathlon and Ironman.


  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - Café du cycliste

    Café du cycliste

    High quality cycling apparel designer, founded on the French Riviera with a twist of classic French style.


  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - BeeA energy - Barre Energisisante

    BeeA energy

    Energy bar manufacturer with 100% organic ingredients for mountain biking, road cycling and triathlon.


  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - Ortlieb - Waterproof equipment

    ORLIEB – Waterproof

    Waterproof outdoor equipment “made in Germany” with a range dedicated to the practice of Bikepacking.


  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - Alternativ-sport

    Alternativ sport

    French distributor of Rotor, Profile Design and ISM solutions.


  • BikingMan - Logo Partners - Toyota MediaCar

    Toyota Argentine

    Accompany the organization by providing a “Mediacar” to follow our challengers during the adventure


The Record - BikingMan

About BikingMAN

We design unique ultra cycling races off the beaten tracks. We promote ultra cycling, endurance events for experienced athletes and help financing field actions of solidarity.


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